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The Gobbler tracks The First Log

The log home portion of Gobbler Forge came from the experiences of building our own log home. Like so many Americans, we wanted to build our own, but didn't have the experience to do it correctly. For two years, we studied and learned about log home building by going to log home shows, subscribing to magazines and talking to countless contractors. All good and recommended options for the upcoming do-it-yourselfer. However, what we learned was that most contractors raised the constuction costs too high for our budget and the level of craftmanship was lacking. We also found that each contractor used their own construction techniques and we were unable to find one that used the construction technique combination that satisfied our design ideas. We wanted someone that would help only when and where we needed the help the most. Unfortunatly, that was a hard find, and thus the creation of Gobbler Forge, log home contracting. We offer assistance packages that allow you to build your home at a huge savings over other contractors by utilizing your labor with our guidance. The end result being you living in a beautiful, strong, energy efficient log home that you built yourself at a tremendous savings. Contact Gobbler Forge and let us show you how.
There is nothing more exciting than the first log going in.
Hilde Shaving a log
Hilde shaving a log for our new home. The Gobbler tracks
Cedar Cabinets

Cedar Cabinets in our Home. The Gobbler tracks
Coffee table

Here's a coffee table which has been hand crafted.

The Small Steamer

This steamer is used to soften the wood so that it may bend to our will.

The Gobbler tracks

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