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"His brow is wet with honest sweat, He earns what'er he can, And looks the whole world in the face, For he owes not any man." Longfellow

The Gobbler tracks

Having been a hobbiest blacksmith most of my life, I have met and admire many talented and gifted blacksmiths who have always been willing to share what they could with me for nothing more than an honest thank you as payment. It is to them I pay my respects. My journey as a blacksmith started when I spent two seasons as a volunteer at Hale Farm and Village, which is part of the Western Reserve Historical Society, learning about blacksmithing as well as studying barn and log building design. At the 1850s accurate farm, I was very fortunate to have been able to work in the Blacksmith Shop, learning from one of the finest historical blacksmiths in the country, Master Blacksmith, Marty Reisig. Blacksmithing in a period correct shop using period correct tools and techniques, I learned the trade as well as interpreting for the public and learned how important to log and barn building the blacksmith was. Since 1991 I have done dozens of demonstrations for the Boy Scouts of America, several historical societies as well as Atwood Lake and Algonquin Mill Fall Festivals here in Ohio. I am a long-standing member in WRABA, Western Reserve Artist Blacksmith Association and SOFA, Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil. I was honored to be a demonstrator at the 1997 Quad State Roundup held annually by SOFA. This is one of the best blacksmithing events in the country. Gobbler Forge came from the dream that one day I would have a Blacksmith shop in Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio: a shop in which I could hear the wild turkey, gobbling in the spring. The dream arrived in 2004, when my wife, Hilde, and I moved into the log home that we had built ourselves, from the ground up. Being an independent contractor, I already knew that no matter how hard you try you can't do it all and sometimes you just need a craftsman's help. There are needs for unique ironwork in almost every cabin and rustic home, and Gobbler Forge can help. So if your looking for assistance in your project, look to Gobbler Forge. We just may have your sollution. From helping with design ideas to the iron creations themselves, we can work with you.

The Forge.
The Forge area of our shop. This is where the iron working part of Gobbler Forge happens. Using a combination of old and new tools and techniques allows us to create at will. For most blacksmithing we still use the coal forge and smith by hammer and tongs.
The Trusted Anvil

At Gobbler Forge the anvil is still the heart of the shop. With the combination of the anvil, hammer and fire, the iron is subject only to our will.

A Beam Bracket in our home.

This Beam Bracket is in our home. The Gobbler tracks

Here's a shelf bracket that is in our home.

The Branding Iron.

This Branding Iron was made for a client.

The Gobbler tracks Ram Poker Set

The Ram fire poker set.

Gobbler Forge has a new sign.

This is the new shop sign at the end of our driveway.

The Gobbler tracks The Gobbler tracks

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