About Us Page for Brad and Hilde Weber of Gobbler Forge & Door

The Gobbler tracks

valentines day

Our home on February 14, 2008 near Tappan Lake in Harrison County, Ohio. We have found that living in the woods in the log home that we built has filled life with wonderment at the beauty that nature provides. It seems every snow more beautiful than the last. The Gobbler tracks
Brad with wild Turkey

Here's Brad with a wild turkey from the immediate area. Spring time always brings the hills to life, with the wild turkey being no exception. As the days warm and the green things start to sprout. We don't call it Gobbler Forge for nothing.

The Shop Sign

This simple sign and bracket was made to hang at my demonstrations. A perfect example of "We marry Iron and Wood".

The Gobbler tracks
new sign

Our new shop sign, located at the end of our driveway. The Gobbler tracks

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